Super Obsessed

Ridiculously AWESOME.

Ridiculously AWESOME.


so after returning from vacation I discovered I no longer have internet at home, and no longer have direct tv to watch young justice, korra, or any thing else that is good in this world.

sooo I’ve been busy burying myself in old comics and trying to get some where with internet. It was harder than it sounds.

To make matters worse…I haven’t bought a new comic in 3 weeks… Things are oddly strange lately…


idk bored, k.

I want this to happen!!!

Thanks Guys :)

So I was just scrolling through Tumblr as usual

when suddenly I noticed it…I have 21 followers

where the heck did you all come from!!!???? I only had like…13 this morning!! Did you all just fall from the sky?

Well, where ever you came from. Thanks for putting up with my silly stories and such. I think you’re all pretty freakin’ super :)